Unique storylines and scenarios

built like real movies.

Scenario from 17 € per person

2 to 6 players


When Cinema and Escape Room meet each other, it's become ...
It's a Trap ! Studio.

Surprises, twists and suspens will be there !

In our Live Escape Game, we create for you uniques plots and scenarios.

Cooperate in a team from 2 to 6 players in order to untangle the mysteries of a plot in a given time : 60 minutes and not one more !

Appeal to all your senses, your team spirit, your sense of organization, communication and your grey matter to escape traps, puzzles, riddles, and devilish projects.

Book your favorite scenario in a few clicks.

And get ready to beat the traps of It's a Trap! Studio.

the wizard academy

the forbidden graveyard

what scenario ?

the wizard academy

The famous wizard academy has trained the elite of the sorcery world. For centuries a magic crown enable to assign a house to each students during a traditional ceremony. However, this year, a persistent rumor says the crown has disappear. The start of the school year is in danger ! Will you make the right choices to unravel the mysteries of this case ?

the forbidden graveyard

Burry yourself in the strange atmosphere of aforbidden graveyard. Get started on the lead of the famous detective Lazare and find the resurrection stone ! Investigate on the mad scientist called doctor V.F. and discover what happen to Lazare. « What sinister secrets hide this cemetery ? »

go into another world

Live a new experience,
resolve unique puzzles
and watch out for traps !

how ?

who ?

who ?

It's a Trap ! Studio is addressed to everybody. If you are a big fan or a beginner, our rooms are made for you. Our game masters will adjust the level according to each group of players, with the intention of offer the best game experience.

Young or not, between friends, in family or with your workmate, we will do our best to entertain your team.

Do not hesitate to contact us for any demand (teambuilding, stag and hen party, birthday…).

it's a trap ! studio

Live Escape Room

7 Square la Pérouse 44000 Nantes

Tel : 09 62 60 03 61

Open 6/7 (except the Monday)

From 10am to midnight


What is Escape Room ?
Locked in a movie (a room), you and your team have one goal : get out of the room or reach your goal before the allocated time (60 minutes). For it you need to compose your team (from 2 to 6 players). And prepare yourself to resolve puzzles, search, observe and manipulate different things to get through the scenario. Don't worry, players are never alone ! A Game Master follow your game with cameras and microphones, and … if he wants … he can help you in your adventure. A little tips, you won't need to do some bodybuilding sessions to reach your goal. Leave your strength at home, but don't forget your brain, your logic and all your senses !
What sessions are available ?
There is two sessions available :
How long is a session ?
A session is about 1h30.
  • 15 minutes for the pre-game briefing.
  • 60 minutes for the game.
  • 15 minutes for the post-game debriefing.
How many people can come in your sessions ?
The Forbidden Graveyard : From 2 to 5 players The Wizard Academy : From 3 to 6 players.
How much does it cost ?
The price of a session depend of the number of players.
  • 2 players : 81 € - 40,5€/player
  • 3 players : 81 € - 27€/player
  • 4 players : 100 € - 25€/player
  • 5 players : 110 € - 22€/player
  • 6 players : 120 € - 20€/player
Is there an age limit ?
It's a Trap ! Studio sessions are accessible from 16 year old without adult, and from 12 years adult if there is at least one adult in the group.
Can I play at It's a Trap ! Studio if I have a motor disability ?
The session : The Forbidden Graveyard can be accessed by people in wheelchairs. We demand that at least one person in the group to not being in wheelchairs.
How can I book a session at It's a Trap ! Studio ?
Booking are only made on our website. However if you have any questions feel free to contact us by e-mail or by phone.
Can I cancel or change my reservation ?
Our sessions need a preparation in order to receive your team in the best conditions. Once the reservation is confirmed, we won't accept repayment or cancellation. However, a deferment is possible, until one week before the initial date of the sessions. You will only need to contact us by e-mail, specifying (if possible) the new date and the new time slot that you want. Please check on our website before if the time slot and the date are still available.
I'm a company or a group of friends and I want to organize an event at It's a Trap ! Studio. How can I do ?
You can do it directly on our website. You can also contact us for any special demands, to personalize your experience, etc.
There is an extra player, how can we do ?
You forgot a player during your reservation (not cool!) ? No problem, you will pay your extra directly on the spot (only on cash). However, it's not possible to exceed the maximal players per sessions (5 for the Forbidden Graveyard and 6 for the Wizard Academy).